Starr Dawkins Share Why She Took Back Lincoln 3dot

Starr Dawkins is finally sharing the reason why she rekindled her romance with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Lincoln 3dot.

The ‘Cookie Wash’ owner shocked social media users last week when she uploaded Christmas photos with the internet comedian-turned-recording confirming their reunion.

Starr instantly received backlash online for taking back the “Bun Again” deejay which prompted her share a video explaining why she took him back.

In a video, Starr revealed that she forgave Lincoln because he was her man to forgive. She added that they are both working on their relationship problems and have put the past behind them.

“I’m [a] Christian, I forgive,” she wrote under the video. “I’m done speaking on things and i’m done with you slick thotties.”

Lincoln 3dot dragged Starr on social media last month when she shared a video to her Instagram account boasting about her girlfriend qualities 

“Don’t make me embarrass you, just stop!,” Lincoln wrote before blasting his on-again, off-again lover. Starr ignored the “Bun Again” deejay’s warning and uploaded another video.

“This b***h drained all my f**king energy!!! Everything happen in our relationship you f**king bring on here. And I’ve been chilling and trying to  talk to you about it. But no you don’t listen,” Lincoln commented.

“Stop bring man f**king business on this sh*t b***h!,” he continued. “And you don’t f**king listen, i try to talk to your stupid a**. All this talking and i’ve been quiet. Tired of your sh*t.”

“Ain’t nobody looking for you!,” he added. You p***y stint, you’re insecure, you’re too clingy, you’re annoying, you talk too much.”

Starr deleted the post and then responded via IG story saying, “Lincoln tryna down play me and my cooking so nobody else want me! I have no shame tree, this man stink up my hole so i don’t give it away… When a guy love going in raw and bursting inside! Stink vagina is what happens. But that’s why we have cooking restored.”