Popcaan Ignores Alkaline Diss, Challenge Dancehall Artists To Make Appealing Music

Popcaan Ignores Alkaline Diss, Challenge Dancehall Artists To Make Appealing Music

Popcaan ignored Alkaline diss while challenging dancehall artists to make more globally appealing music.

Popcaan is arguably the leading dancehall deejay in the game right now with only a handful of other artists are up there with him. Earlier this week, the Unruly Boss made a guest appearance on Drake’s “Assassination Vacation Tour” at London’s O2 Arena. The deejay posted a clip on his Instagram yesterday where he left a lengthy message calling out other artists to spread their wings globally and stop fight down each other.

“Dancehall/reggae reggae/Dancehall let’s try to work harder to make our music more appealing to the wider audiences worldwide, we have so much talented artist on our island but our problem is sometimes we have more ego than hits and it will never work,” Popcaan wrote. “I see our music going so far in my visions and I honestly going to make that vision a reality with the few artist them that actually trying to fight for our music the right way and working towards making more international music.”

“Man them can always sing them bag a gun song them because it’s a part of the thing, I will still sing them too but don’t expect to see none on the billboard all young and new artist stay firm on the journey because it’s not easy out here,” Popcaan continues. “To the ones who fwd before me and still holding up respect goes out in a major way and to the crab Ina barrel artist,radio ppl and selectors get out that fucking barrel like a bullet.. god bless my island and my industry #UNRULY.”

Popcaan’s statement comes a few days after Alkaline tried to reignite their old beef by showcasing his 2017 “Microwave” diss track. 


Other dancehall artists commented on Popcaan’s post like Iba Mahr, Queen Ifrica, Dre Island, Major Lazer, HoodCelebrity, and Dexta Daps. “If mi love yu one more time mi artiste keep shining it’s because u love what u do#Music,” Ifrica wrote.

“@popcaanmusic you always make right moves from the early stage til now fam! Your journey only makes you mature & decisions become even more concise … #concentrate,” Iba Mahr wrote.