Dancehall Industry Warns Alkaline and Squash Feud Could Turn Physical

Dancehall analysts are warning that the current Vendetta, 6ix feud could become more than a lyrical battle if artistes are not careful.

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The ongoing rivalry between Dancehall superstars Alkaline and Squash recently reached a fever pitch following the release of several diss tracks, but Dancehall analysts are now warning the battle could become more than lyrical.

Several eyebrows were recently raised after the latest rounds of diss tracks were exchanged between both camps, which followed an alarming viral video of an alleged fan touting a small arsenal of weapons, threatening the entertainers of the opposing camp.

According to Dancehall insiders, although the rivalry is strictly lyrical now the entertainers have to be careful it doesn’t evolve into something more, citing previous feuds such as the Gully/Gaza rivalry which infamously forced the government to intervene.

This claim was recently backed up by the views of renown psychologist Dr Leachim Semaj, who claims that traditionally Dancehall has always had heated rivalries but they all carried the potential to go overboard.

He explained that these musical rivalries are deep rooted in the testosterone-driven desire to prove who is the ‘baddest,’ with fans often feeding off it, and artiste personifying lyrical content.

Semaj used several Dancehall acts as examples, included incarcerated superstars Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man, who are both serving life sentences for murder charges.

The psychologist claims that both entertainers became the personalities they created musically while warning that the current feud Squash and Alkaline carries the same potential if not carefully managed.

However, at least one member of 6ix camp has spoken up following the recent concerns as Squash’s manager Heavy D sought to reassure fans that the rivalry is just lyrical.

Accoding to Heavy D, although he did find the gun touting video alarming and quite foolish he does not believe the current feud is at an alarming level.

“Probably dem (the artistes) have to declare something. I will speak to him [Squash] but me sure them nah fight although the lyrics ah get personal. If it getting too extreme, I will step in,” he said

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