Man uses Bible Verse To Threaten Goat Thieves

Man uses Bible Verse To Threaten Goat Thieves

Jack Brown* has a strong message for the persons who stole his three goats from his St Catherine home.

“You are under Psalms 109. Bring back those goats or else destruction shall be your doom. Sand, cement and stone shall be your tomb,” the sign at his gate said.

The elderly man said that the first goat was stolen by person(s) from his community after he left the goat to graze on Labour Day last year.

“I am assuming that was their project for that particular holiday. And if taking one wasn’t enough, they stole another two that were heavily pregnant the day before Heroes Day. I have an idea who do it, and sometimes I see him pass and him can’t look mi in the eyes. But I leave him and his cronies to God,” he said.

Brown said that his heart was broken upon realising he was a victim of praedial larceny and decided to fight his battle through his religious faith.

“I had plans to extend my farm and buy a few more (goats), but now I only have three goats left. I wanted to have them so I can sell one or two just in case I fall on hard times, but the ‘owners’ come take them. Sometimes is my bicycle I ride just to get grass and other food for them. Mi invest time and money in them, and to see people just take them like that,” he said.

Brown said that he reported the matter to the police, but he is yet to see any progress in the case.

“When I went to make the report, one a the police see me with US$10 in my wallet and asked me for it. When I told him that I can’t give him, the man put down the pen and stop write. On another occasion, one of them wanted me to buy him KFC, but I never do it. So up to now, none a them nuh come by the place come investigate,” he said.

According to Brown, he has to keep a keen eye on his remaining three animals, as he fears that they, too, may also be stolen. He said that he will continue to chant a word of prayer and read his Bible until the thieves confess to their sins.

“When them steal the goats, persons were telling me to deal with it another way. But I don’t want anyone’s blood on my shoulder so I consult with God instead. He may be slow, but he is really sure. That’s all I know,” Brown said.