Macka Diamond Diss Spice, Shenseea and Ishawna

Macka Diamond Diss Spice, Shenseea and Ishawna

Macka Diamond is sick and tired of Dancehall trolls comparing her to other women in the industry.

On Thursday, the veteran entertainer uploaded a viral meme which questioned who was the best looking woman in Dancehall. The image featured Spice, Shenseea, Ishawna and Macka Diamond.

The “Dye Dye” singer edited the original image and asked who had more hits.

“All a who making these stuff u all too funny, cause who don’t know me well go do the history,” Macka wrote. “I’m legendary and unstoppable and it wasn’t fake tits gave me hits it was raw talent so don’t compare me cause I care zero.”


“I’m the #Diamondofdancehall and #diamondsrforever so let me add it #LegendaryDiamondOfDancehall my true fans know I only make hits and they see the fight I’m under but guess what they notice i’m not giving up cause I don’t need to look like these so call hot artist, i look like me and definitely sounds better than them anytime.”

“You wanna compare play my songs with them all and see wah happen cah the race is not for the swift it’s for who can endure it  who know my hits leave it in my comment section thank u, and to add remember I dont get help from no big name Male artist to buss a me buss people everyday young artist in my dm begging me to do song with them wah happen to the new good looking people tro baxide,” she continued.

While Spice and Shenseea are yet to respond to Macka Diamond, Ishawna laughed at her claims.