Jamaican woman launches line of reusable feminine products

Jamaican woman launches line of reusable feminine products

WITH the new ban on scandal bags, styrofoam boxes and plastic drinking straws, Jamaicans are being forced to find new ways to reuse everyday items. But a Montego Bay woman, Sabrina Campbell, did not need the ban on plastics to tell her that she could make reusable cotton pads and pantyliners for herself, and eventually turn it into a business.

It was her body that prompted her to seek an alternative to the plastic-lined disposable sanitary products, Campbell told All Woman, as she was frustrated by recurrent gynaecological symptoms.

“If it wasn't every month it was every other month that I'd be at the doctor,” she said. “I thought it was something wrong with me. My husband and I did a series of tests and everything came back negative.”

Campbell soon realised that it was the products that she used at certain times of the month that were causing her discomfort.

“The liners weren't bad, but I'd normally get rashes and itchiness from the pads,” she said. “Once I made the switch I haven't been back to the doctor,” she testified.

Campbell did some research online and found not just reusable products, but an entire community in support of them. She bought her supply online, and was so impressed by the improvement in her symptoms that she told her mother about them, who also decided to switch to those products. But online shopping was causing a leak in Campbell's pockets, and she could not find any local suppliers.

“Each time I was going to buy some more she would ask me to buy some for her too. I thought that I could save a lot more money if I could learn to sew them and make some for her too,” Campbell remembered. “My husband bought me a sewing machine, and officially I started.”

It was a tough task for Campbell to teach herself to sew, but once she started to get it right she began telling all who would listen about the products, and the orders started.