After 3 Miscarriages She Decides to 'TAKE' a Baby: Let's Get to Know This Woman

After 3 Miscarriages She Decides to 'TAKE' a Baby: Let's Get to Know This Woman

First things first: The allegations about her lying to her boyfriend abroad that she's pregnant and he needed proof of the baby was a dam a lie. 

She and her boyfriend shares the same roof and is living together.


The female, whose name is still being withheld for her protection has had 3 miscarriages in the past.

The last one was at 7 months but the family was unaware so she took the opportunity to replace the last child and start a family with her boyfriend 


She said she bought the baby, which could also be another like but drives us back to a previous article with allegations of babies being sold at hospitals.

Let's say out of frustration and sadness she made a bad choice and allegedly bought a child on the black market.


She failed to realize that children are out there for adoption or she knew about adoption but doubt she and her boyfriend is qualified because, they're not financially stable or live in a suitable environment.

The public need to be more informed about the process of adoption or alternative ways to get a child.

Many children have been aborted, many are homeless and many are in the hands of people who don't want them. To go ahead and steal a child is like that is taking a snake by the tail.

Something can be done to avoid situations like these in the future.

There are so many of these cases and most are the same story.

What's your views on this round up saga?

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